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Stacks of Coins


Consumables are fully capable ERC-20 Ethereum tokens and form the basis of exchange for all of other contracts. An obvious use of consumables are as in-game currencies, but it can be used for much more.

For example, Experience could be used as a means for leveling up Skills. Or, a consumable representing Energy could be used to execute Activities. There are many more uses of Consumables that are only limited by your imagination.

There are several kinds of Consumables possible, but the most interesting are those that can be exchanged for another Consumable. These can be useful for Loyalty Programs as they can be purchased by exchanging a stable coin and then redeemed for off-chain rewards.

Paypr (ℙ) is a special Consumable that is used as a medium of exchange for other Consumables.

For example, if one game creates an in-game currency (eg called GC) that has an exchange rate of 100, then a player of that game can exchange 1ℙ for 100 GC. Then, that player could purchase Artifacts and execute Activities with that GC. They could also exchange whatever GC they have left back into Paypr. After that, they can exchange their Paypr into another game's in-game currency.

This fluidity is what makes our system so powerful.

Paypr (ℙ) can be purchased with DAI and is equivalent to about $1 USD.

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